General Studio Information:

Yes. Most services I offer can be booked online at vagaro.com/aarongunnwellness. If you do not see a day/time that works for you (or if you’d like to be placed on a wait list), feel free to contact me directly to explore your options.

I typically offer massage therapy and private yoga sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between the hours of 11:00am and 7:30pm. I sometimes have Saturday hours available as well.

Yes, there is free parking along Ravenswood Ave (subject to availability). A permit is only required to park here between 8am and 10am on weekdays.

My studio is just a block away from the Irving Park CTA Brown Line stop. The CTA 80 bus also stops at that same train station. For those who like to bike, there is a Divvy bike station half a block from the studio. There are also bike racks both outside and inside my building.

I accept all major credit or debit cards, cash, and wireless payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.).

While I do not accept insurance, I often have clients use FSA debit cards for payment.

Regardless of the service booked, you will be required to complete intake forms online. Questions include health history, service/treatment goals, and current concerns or requests. The questions asked allow me to feel confident that you can safely receive services (or will prompt me to follow up with you if I need additional information prior to your appointment). All information you provide is confidential.

With my studio located at the intersection of Ravenswood, Lakeview, and North Center…there is so much to do in the area, especially if you like good food and drink. A few of my favorite places within walking distance of my studio include Port & Park, Koval Distillery, Begyle Brewing, and The Biscuit Man (inside Longroom).

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Massage Therapy:

Massage can assist in recovering from injuries, reducing pain and discomfort, alleviating stress, improving mobility/flexibility, working with postural imbalances, and so much more.

Unfortunately, no form of manual therapy can guarantee results. While massage therapy can be helpful for many people, it may not always be the most effective treatment for everyone. If you have questions about your individual circumstances, please contact me directly. I’m always happy to do a free consult before you schedule a session.

I attempt to provide an environment free from all common allergens. There is a HEPA filter always running in my studio, and all surfaces are regularly cleaned with an isopropyl alcohol solution. All massage linens are laundered with fragrance free hypoallergenic detergent. For massage, I use coconut oil (alternate options available if you have a less common topical coconut allergy).

I attempt to keep my studio a comfortable temperature for the average preference (including myself). I have a table warmer on the massage table that can add various levels of heat, as well as blankets for added warmth and comfort.

No, you will never be required to completely undress. I encourage all clients to only disrobe to their level of comfort. Certain clothing might limit direct access to a specific area (e.g., underwear may limit direct access to the gluteal muscles), but there are always options that can be done through clothing and through a sheet. Regardless, you will always be draped with at least a sheet, and I only undrape the specific areas I am working on at any given point in time.

I get this question a lot. The reality is that for most sessions, I integrate a variety of different styles and techniques to address the individual needs and goals of each client. Instead of making you choose from a list (Swedish, deep tissue, sports, etc.), I simply call this “Integrated Massage”. For a majority of people, this is what you should choose. However, I also offer some modalities that require a different set-up before you arrive. Those are the separate services you see listed on my site (Thai massage, Reflexology, Reiki, and Prenatal massage).

Thai massage is a form of bodywork that is done fully clothed on a floor mat. It involves a lot of deep stretching and compressive techniques focused on increasing mobility and loosening connective tissue.

In most cases, absolutely! Massage therapy can typically be performed throughout the entirety of the pregnancy, from before conception (reducing stress can potentially help increase chance of conception) to postpartum. For any higher-risk pregnancies, you should discuss with your healthcare provider before receiving massage.

While there is not a lot of preparation needed for massage, please be considerate regarding personal hygiene (you may want to shower before coming to your session if your skin is not fairly clean). In most cases, coming directly from work or other activities is fine. If possible, please arrive without products on the skin (sunscreen, insect repellent, and some lotions can create an undesirable consistency when mixed with massage oil).

There’s no need to shave before a massage. If you do, please avoid same-day (I may need to avoid any areas that have small cuts or irritated skin). Also, I request that you avoid using any highly scented products before you arrive.

There are actually several factors that will determine the recommended massage frequency. These include why you’re receiving massage (injury recovery, general muscle tension, stress management, etc.), how “aggressive” of a treatment approach you want to take, and how you respond to different types of treatment (results vary from person to person). So basically, there’s not a simple answer to this question…but I’m happy to discuss your individual case with you directly.

No. At most, even with deep work, I aim for massage to be a tolerable discomfort. I don’t personally believe in the “no pain, no gain” mentality, and I prefer to adapt to your individual threshold of discomfort.

Aside from the numerous potential benefits of massage therapy, there is always the possibility of some temporary side effects. Most commonly, this involves some potential soreness (similar to post-workout soreness), localized or general fatigue, or some minor bruising (less common, but possible with deep work). If you are concerned about any of these, please discuss with me prior to your session.

Massage therapy can be an effective tool for athletes to help speed recovery, recover from minor injuries, and help prevent the onset of certain repetitive use injuries and conditions. Timing within your training schedule is important, but varies depending on your activity and schedule. Thus, I’ll ask you some specific questions about your individual training plan to help determine when massage would fit best.

Private Yoga:

Yoga classes are group sessions that are offered in a variety of settings (studios, gyms, etc.) and often offer options based on your experience and desired level of challenge. A private yoga session is a one-on-one customized experience to address your individual needs, goals, and ability level. Unlike in a group setting, your form and alignment will be observed and adjusted for 100% of the session, allowing you to safely progress in your yoga practice.

No, I love working with beginners who are new to the practice. We will discuss your overall goals and then start with the basics. I find that a lot of people avoid yoga because they don’t think they’re flexible enough or fit enough. But yoga is accessible to almost everyone!

If desired, I do allow you to bring up to one additional person with you for private instruction (I need to know this in advance). If you wish to bring a friend or significant other, my recommendation is to bring someone with similar goals and experience so that we can create a practice that is meaningful to both.

The equipment I use for yoga sessions is a yoga mat, yoga blocks, and a yoga strap for assisted stretching. If you have your own, you are encouraged to bring them with you. However, I have all supplies needed, so there’s no need to buy your own if you don’t already have them (although I do encourage you to get a mat to practice at home, if desired).

I generally tell people that I teach Hatha Yoga. This is the umbrella category for various styles like Ashtanga, Bikram, and Iyengar, all of which have influenced what I teach.

Very often, people associate yoga with physical exercise. While the physical practice (asana) is a part of yoga, it also includes focused breathing (pranayama) and meditation practices. We will discuss your individual preferences and what you’re looking to accomplish through yoga. Benefits can include strengthening muscles, improving balance and coordination, improving mobility/flexibility, reducing stress, increasing mental focus, and much more!

Workplace Wellness:

I love working with companies of different sizes to determine what might work best for their organization. We can create a customized plan for your company, whether it’s a one-time event or a recurring offering. Options can include wellness workshops/discussions (in-person or virtual) that cater to your organization, lunch and learn seminars, yoga or stretching, stress management, on-site chair massage, and more.

Many of the workplace wellness services I offer can be adapted to a virtual setting (Zoom, YouTube streaming, etc.). I often work with clients who want to know what they can do from their home office to counteract sitting in front of a computer all day.

A few of the many benefits to workers in any setting are: reducing stress, increasing focus and productivity, alleviating some of the physical imbalances and discomforts that result from working at a computer and/or sitting all day, boosting morale, and increasing workplace satisfaction.

COVID-19 Precautions:

Face masks are currently optional. On one of your intake forms, you will have the opportunity to indicate your mask preferences for both yourself and your therapist.

Vaccination and boosters for COVID-19 are highly suggested.

I schedule a minimum of 45 minutes between clients to allow for optimal air quality in the treatment room (air is circulated between sessions, and a HEPA filter is running at all times). I sanitize all contact surfaces before and after each session, compliant with standards advised by the CDC, WHO, and FSMTB. As a part of my intake forms, all clients will also fill out a COVID questionnaire prior to their session.

Please contact me directly as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment without penalty. Your health and safety (as well as the safety of my other clients) is a priority.