In this lifetime, you only get one body… so why not treat it well?

Meet Aaron Gunn, LMT, BCMT, E-RYT, CPT, CFNS

I have been a holistic wellness practitioner and educator for over 17 years. After spending most of my adult life in Atlanta, Georgia, I relocated to Chicago in 2017.  I believe that health and wellness are multi-factoral, and I have spent my career continuing to gain fresh insights and incorporate new modalities. In addition to being a massage therapist, I am also a registered yoga teacher, certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, meditation teacher, and continuing education provider.

I feel fortunate to have had many unique career experiences, including being the director of a massage therapy school, touring with Riverdance as the dancers’ massage therapist, and being the massage therapist and yoga teacher for Atlanta’s professional soccer team. I look forward to many new upcoming adventures and opportunities.

It is my passion to help you realize your potential, set manageable and attainable goals, and reconnect with your own body.